Personalized Service

At ​Avow ​​we believe strongly that your day should flow easily and be as stress free as possible. We also feel that your vows should represent everything you want them to. In an effort to combine those desires, our unique pricing schedule allows our bridal couples the affordability and flexibility to have the most memorable ceremony you could have imagined, with the least amount of stress.

​Whether you chose to have a rehearsal or not, our pricing includes our utmost attention to detail. You will receive a customized wedding ceremony celebrated with our wedding officiant - with your complete approval throughout the process. Whatever your desire is to have included in your ceremony, we will work on it together and it will be included in your special ceremony at the prices you see listed.

Ceremony Only - No Rehearsal


Ceremony with Rehearsal


All Services Include

  • Free consultations with the bridal couple at a convenient location or Skype session

  • ​Customized wedding vows / ceremony tailored to meet the expectations of the bridal couple

  • Expert guidance on new family blending, interfaith ceremonies, family inclusion, and unique ceremony suggestions

  • Referrals to local vendors for wedding planning, photography, caterers, bridal needs, florists, concierge services, venue locations, etc.

  • A signed welcome letter/agreement outlining your cost, and our services that will be provided so you know precisely what to expect

  • Immediate processing of your marriage certificate so you can get your name changed after your wedding

  • One witness provided at no extra charge if needed

  • Travel within Charleston, SC and a 30 mile radius included. May incur a travel surcharge for areas outside that radius. For weddings outside of South Carolina, travel expenses are additional

50% Deposit required to hold all dates

Common Ceremony Definitions

Civil- A civil ceremony is a ceremony that does not include any religious aspects.

Elopement - An elopement is a ceremony for couples that do not reside in Washington State, but wish to get married legally in Washington State, or for anyone that decides to get married quickly - and needs a fast turn around time!

Interfaith - An interfaith ceremony blends traditions, cultures, or religious aspects to make everyone feel celebrated and included.

Religious- A religious ceremony can be traditional, depending on your faith, or include just a few aspects from your religion. Whether you are observant or non- observant, a religious ceremony is still an option.

Spiritual- A spiritual ceremony does not subscribe to one specific religion, but rather incorporates elements from several religions that are more spiritual and less conforming.

Renewal of Vows - A renewal of vows ceremony is a beautiful way for couples to rededicate themselves to one another